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Real Estate::Choose Real Estate to make some extra money by Jeff Adams

Choose Real Estate to make some extra money by Jeff Adams

Real Estate investors are people who invest their hard earned money in Real Estate business to make additional profit. Real estate is not an organized business in most of the countries and so investing is not an easy option to earn money. A good real estate investor is one who knows all the positives and negatives involved in the field.

Tips for Beginners:

  • You should be able to identify and buy a property that is at least 20% lower than the existing market value.

  • Employ increase value strategy. After purchasing a property at lower price you have make some renovations according to latest trend so that it adds value to the property. Then you have to be in a position to sell the property at least at 25 percent more than the total cost spent by you in buying and renovating the property.

  • You have to formulate an exit strategy (i.e) planning on how to sell the property. One of the strategy is to hold the property as long as you feel it will yield a better profit, but make sure you sell it in a couple of years time. Long term holding is inadvisable as it would entail speculation about the future market behavior and hence can be risky. Another strategy is to flip the property as soon as you buy it. You can also rent the property so that you can earn money every month and after few years you can sell it for higher profit.

Jeff Adams a successful investor followed these steps to attain great heights in real estate investment field. Even after few false Jeff Adams scam reports written about him by his competitors. He is still one of the best in the field and has formulated many strategies to succeed in real estate investing.

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