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Jeff Adams Scam Baiting Tips for Secure Deposit

No one wishes to pay extra for a home rent, your security deposit representing two or three month’s rent, quite a few renters never see that money again. This article provides some tips on how to stay away from losing thousands to lost security deposits.

  • Take photos or video while you move-in- as you visit the unit with your landlord, make sure that you click enough photos or video that depicts the house at its macro and micro levels. Make it official by sending the files to his/her Email. Since you both share the same goal, this approach of yours will be welcomed by your landlord. Acting as a solid documentation this will ensure that you are in a safe position even as you move out.

  • When things are in written rather than oral, you can be sure of things happening around you. In view of the fact that, vacancy is the biggest expense that drains a landlord’s wallet ensure that you send enough notice in advance when you really wanted to move out. Earlier the notice better for both of you. Make sure that you comply with this requirement. Look out for the notice period in the lease along with what types of communication are acceptable forms of notice.

  • Be lenient with showings. Ensure that you are not difficult to deal with as your landlord tries to set-up showings for new tenants. Maintain a sense of diplomacy as you work with. The more courteous you are, the more likely you are to get your full amount of deposit back.

  • Leave it the way as you moved-in: when you entered, you would have gone for a haul-up to the unit like fancy wall-hangings or wall-mounted TV. Ensure that you block those holes and crevices. Get to the local hardware store to make the damaged walls look good.

  • Ensure that you don’t leave anything behind: as you leave, dealing with your leftovers can be a tedious task for your landlord. As far as possible, make sure that you make it simple with things.

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